So How Do You Become A Christian?

Simply - Faith Alone in Christ Alone

So let me back up.  God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.  But, as I say in the first chapter of my book, He can't because of sin and God's character (God's Divine Essence) cannot have anything to do with sin.  So how to I obtain a relationship with God?  My simple statement - Faith Alone in Christ Alone - which is based upon the following verse:

Acts 16:31 … [Command] "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved, …

And there are other familiar versus ....

How To Have Real Faith ...

So it is Faith in Jesus Christ that provides for you an eternal relationship with God.

It is most important decision you make in your life.   Do you spend eternity in heaven or eternity in the Lake of Fire.  It says in:

Matthew 25:41b … Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared [originally] for the devil and his angels;

So, you have to make a decision, to accept or to reject Jesus Christ.  If you haven't done so already, make this decision now; don't wait another moment.

In Christianity, the word Salvation is used.  What does this mean?  First when you believe in Jesus Christ per Acts 16:31 then you are saved from spending eternity (starting after death) in the Lake of Fire, and you will spend eternity in heaven.  So first you are saved and spend eternity in heaven.  Second, God provides for a relationship with Him.  When we learn what the bible has to say about God and how God thinks you have new tools to live your life on earth.  Then if you use Gods 'tools' then you are saved from falling victim to the cruelty of this world.  So, Salvation has two aspects.

Salvation, both aspects, is unique.  To understand and live it, you need the unique resources God provides by learning about God via the Bible.  But it all begins with Faith Alone in Christ Alone, nothing else.  Just believing in Jesus Christ as your savior.  Your prayer can be:

The hand opened up from heaven To welcome prayer to God backgrou

That is God's process for salvation.  Mankind might have many gimmicks, but with God it is simple.  He did all the work and you just have to accept His work by faith, believing in Jesus Christ.

When you believe in Jesus Christ then you will go to heaven forever, if you reject Jesus Christ then you will go to the Lake of Fire forever.  So you must make your decision.



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